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One of Norway’s most important industries for the future. 

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Pioneering engine technology

Bergen Engines is one of Norway’s most important industries for the future with a key role in the transition to net zero carbon. Pioneering reciprocating engine technology, we work to deliver clean, safe and competitive power and propulsion solutions for our customers worldwide.

Bergen Engines has been delivering reciprocating medium-speed engines for marine and land applications for more than 75 years, starting as a supplier of propulsion engines to the Norwegian fishermen in the 1940s. The company expanded rapidly with the discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea, as the demand for special purpose vessels and oil rig generating sets skyrocketed from the 70s and onwards.

We pioneered the development of the modern lean-burn gas engine technology and delivered the first gas engine for power generation to a Danish customer already back in 1991. This gas engine is still in operation and has clocked nearly 130.000 running hours, a proof of the quality and high reliability of our products. Our lean-burn concept has been developed and fine-tuned ever since, with high focus on increasing the efficiency while reducing emissions to a minimum.

Efficient power solutions have never been more important. In addition to reducing emissions, the world also has a need of more power, both due to economic growth and electrification. In Bergen Engines, we are committed to play a part of the solution.

Trusted worldwide

Bergen Engines today, is a leading supplier of medium-speed gas and liquid fuel engines, ranging from 1,4 MW to 12 MW per unit, for power generation, propulsion and oil and gas systems.

With more than 4500 MWe installed land power capacity worldwide, and over 3500 marine engines in operation, we are a trusted supplier across the world. The engines are designed and manufactured in Bergen, Norway, according to the highest quality standards.

Bergen Engines delivers reliable and efficient power solutions that enable and sustain the energy transition. The built-in flexibility of our engines allows for a gradual transition towards green or low carbon fuels. We help our customers with decarbonization and energy optimization and support them through the equipment’s operational life with flexible service agreements and technical support.


We offer power solutions for continuous, prime and peak power, as well as combined heat and power solutions for applications such as district heating, industries and greenhouses.

In the marine market, our engines and generating sets are an excellent choice for fishing vessels, ferries, supply and special purpose vessels, cruise ships and oil and gas applications.

Our mission

Our mission is to act as enablers for a sustainable future with innovative solutions that make a difference, using technology and capabilities to bring power and prosperity to people and societies.

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