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Bergen Engines provides reliable, responsive and high-performance power solutions for any operational mode. We deliver a wide range of solutions, from baseload, variable load, peaking, grid support and emergency power to combined heat and power and hybrid solutions with renewable power sources.

Our engines and generator sets are widely recognized by operators worldwide due to their proven technology, robust design and low operating costs. Class-leading efficiency ensures cost-effective performance using both liquid and gas fuel, while innovations in design means our engines are ready for new fuel types as we transition towards lower carbon fuels.

Power solutions


Hybrid power solutions such as microgrids are typically power systems that combine renewable power with energy storage systems and generating sets, ensuring the that the right amount of electricity is supplied reliably, efficiently and with minimum emissions. Our flexible and cost-effective reciprocating engines are the perfect match to renewable energy. They are capable of fast and frequent starts and stops and manage dynamic load response for grid balancing effortlessly.

Combined heat and power

To cater for the increasing future energy demand, smart energy solutions with maximised efficiency levels will be important to limit emissions. By exploiting the heat emitted from the generating sets, efficiency can reach beyond 95%. This is good for the environment, and an excellent way to reduce operating costs. We support our customers delivering high efficiency power plants for district heating, industrial CHP, greenhouses and tri-generation applications.

Power plant solutions

Through digitalization and electrification, we develop efficient and flexible power generation solutions. The modular design of a power plant based on generating sets, ensures that any future expansions can be done easily, by adding units. The multi-unit concept also enhances overall plant reliability. Our engines are configured to operate on natural gas, methane gas, biogas, liquid fossil fuels or biofuels. And we are currently exploring the possibility to blend LNG with hydrogen.

Gas Generating Sets 

Medium speed natural gas generating sets

Designed from scratch to be clean, quick to respond and very fuel efficient, the medium-speed gas engines have proven their reliability over millions of running hours. Bergen Engines was a pioneer in developing the modern lean-burn gas engine technology which has been developed continuously since the first gas engine was released to the market in 1991. This gas engine is still in operation, clocking more than 100.000 operating hours. Our engines can run on natural gas or biogas - ensuring minimum emissions at class-leading efficiency levels.

Hydrogen blends

To reduce emissions further, we are currently testing hydrogen blends in the fuel gas of our standard natural gas operated engines. A certain amount of hydrogen admixture can be allowed without any changes to the engine. To increase the hydrogen admixture while maintaining the performance levels, the engine software must be tuned. Hydrogen powered engines are an important part of our zero emission ambitions.

Liquid Fuel Generating Sets

Medium speed liquid fuel generating sets

Our Bergen medium-speed engine series is characterized by fast start and part-load capabilities, high efficiency and low operating costs. These robust and powerful generating sets deliver reliable power for more than 25 years of operation, and availability can be further enhanced through our flexible service agreements.

The zero carbon future

Our power solutions enable the shift towards net zero carbon.

This is ensured with flexible engines, that can run on various fuel types as the fuel availability landscape transitions towards lower carbon fuels. 

Our engines typically operate for between 20 to 25 years, and the modular architecture ensures that a gas or liquid fuel engine purchased today, will be just as relevant in one or two decades.

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