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Smart energy solutions.

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A new level of energy efficiency

To cater for the increasing future energy demand, smart energy solutions with maximised efficiency will be important to limit emissions and reduce the environmental footprint. By exploiting the heat emitted from the generating sets, efficiency can reach beyond 93%. This is good for the environment, and an excellent way to reduce operating costs.

In many cases where power is generated, there is also a need for heat, or the heat can be dispatched where needed in the surrounding community. Waste heat from the engines can be efficiently used to generate steam or hot water for industrial processes, or to drive a combined cycle. The heated water can also be used for district heating. Tri-generation includes the production of cooling in addition to electricity and heat. By sending the exhaust heat to an absorption chiller, cooled water can be used for air conditioning or refrigeration. CO2 from the engines can be used in industrial processes for the production of carbonated soft drinks or to boost growth in greenhouses. Maximized exploitation of the generating sets will make you independent of the national grid, ensuring predictable production costs with the possibility to sell excess energy to other users.

Utilization of CO2 for greenhouses

Carbon dioxide from the engines can be cleaned and reused in greenhouses to boost the growth rate. This way the natural CO2 levels in the greenhouse atmosphere is enriched to fertilise the growth, by creating the perfect environmental balance. The generated electricity is typically used to power the grow lights, while the exhaust heat is used for heating, and any superfluous electricity or heat can be sold to the grid or to nearby communities. Our Bergen gas engines are powering a wide range of greenhouses in the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Energy efficiency beyond 95%
  • Low emissions
  • Scalable concept if more power or heat is needed
  • Increased profits and independency from the grid
  • Superfluous heat and electricity can be sold to other users

Frimancha Industrias Cárnicas S.A. produces a wide range of fresh and processed meat products at its facilities in Mérida, Sevilla, Valdepeñas, Malaga and the Canary Islands.

Frimancha is part of the Vall Companys Group, which is a family-owned business that operates in different areas of the food industry.

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