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Hybrid power solutions such as microgrids are typically power systems that combine renewable energy sources with energy storage systems and generating sets, ensuring the that the right amounts of electricity are supplied reliably, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner with central control. Changes in both supply and demand require smart asset management to determine what power sources are to be used to supply energy to the end user, and when to feed the storage system.

Power supply to remote locations

Microgrids can supply energy autonomously to remote locations, such as mining operations, rural areas or islands with no access to the public grid. When operated in parallel with existing infrastructure, they can provide an environmentally friendly supply of electric power to industrial companies such as data centres, or local communities while simultaneously providing support for the public grid.

A sustainable energy system

An intelligent energy system that can deliver electricity, heating and cooling with minimum GHG emissions and maximised efficiency is best suited to meet our energy needs sustainably. 

The concept drawing shows how renewable power can be the main electricity source when dispatchable back-up power from generating sets is available. The generating sets will balance any intermittency from the renewables and ensure grid stability. They can run with high efficiency on variable load, and start and stop whenever required. Curtailed electricity from periods with overproduction from the renewables will charge the batteries which in turn can kick-in immediately if there’s a sudden drop in the renewables generation. This will give the generating sets the two minutes they need to ramp up to full load. The batteries do not have the capacity to take all the curtailed electricity, and a large part of it is used to power an electrolyzer that produces H2. The H2 is made available for operation on the generating sets in a blend with natural gas. As a result, the generating sets deliver low carbon power, in addition to heating and/or cooling to the nearby city.

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