Power plant solutions

Power plant solutions for a sustainable future.

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Flexible operation and delivery

A complete power plant based on Bergen medium-speed generating sets can be built in less than 12 months, also in areas with poor infrastructure. If additional power is required at a later stage, the modular concept makes it easy to extend the power plant, simply by adding more engine modules.

Hence, capital investment can be done gradually, as the need for electricity rises. Performance is not affected by frequent starts and stops, which make engines a good match for grid support services. The engines deliver reliable power for more than 25 years. The setup has a small footprint, making it ideal both in remote locations to support incomplete grids, as well as in high demand areas such as big cities.

We deliver a wide range of solutions, from baseload, variable load, peaking, grid support and emergency power to combined heat and power and hybrid solutions with renewable power sources. Our engines are configured to operate on natural gas, methane gas, biogas, liquid fossil fuels or biofuels. And we are currently exploring the possibility to blend LNG with hydrogen.

Future proof power solutions

Through digitalization and electrification, we develop efficient and flexible power generation solutions that meet the strictest environmental requirements. 

Our fast-starting generating sets are ideal to support intermittent renewable energy sources, ensuring clean and reliable power with maximised efficiency 24/7.

With a variety of installations across the world, we are trusted to deliver complete power solutions to a variety of applications, such as utilities, independent power producers, manufacturing facilities, greenhouses, healthcare, mining sites and nuclear power plants.

The modular design of a power plant based on generating sets, ensures that any future expansions can be done easily, by adding units, and the multi-unit concept also enhances overall plant reliability.

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    Stabilising power for renewables

    Gas-fired power is likely to play an important role in the energy mix towards 2050, along with increasingly more renewable energy. Additionally, the power industry is moving away from big, often coal-fired, centralized power plants, towards smaller, decentralized microgrids. Along with variable renewables, comes the need for stabilizing power. Medium-speed Bergen engines provide dispatchable, flexible and economic power 24/7.

    Low emissions and proven technology

    Our latest gas engine series can achieve up to 50% efficiency in open cycle, with emissions kept to a minimum. The engines deliver high efficiency levels at partial loads and are designed for minimal de-rating at higher altitudes and adverse site conditions. This, together with fast start-up times, transient response, and high availability, makes our gas engines a perfect match for intermittent renewable energy that needs balancing power.

    Our liquid fuel engines meet the strictest environmental regulations, and are an excellent option when gas is not available. The modularity of our B3X:45 series makes it possible to rebuild the engine to gas operation (or vice versa), if the fuel supply should change, reducing any investment risk.

    The modular architecture of the engines ensures that a gas or liquid fuel engine purchased today, will be just as relevant in one or two decades.

    Power-to-X and carbon neutral fuels

    With intermittent renewables, power supply will sometimes exceed demand, and this surplus energy can be used to produce synthetic fuels (power-to-x) such as methane gas. The resulting carbon-neutral gas can be used in our gas-powered engines without any need for modifications.

    Hydrogen, ammonia, or liquid methanol are examples of other carbon neutral fuels, if produced with surplus energy from renewables, that may become relevant for power generation. Such carbon neutral fuels can be effective decarbonization agents, using conventional power generation equipment such as reciprocating engines. The modularized design of our engines will make a potential rebuild, so that the engines can be operated on ammonia, hydrogen or other synthetic fuels, possible without extensive modifications.

    Long Term Service Agreement

    Bergen medium-speed engines are characterized by high efficiency and operating costs, with optimized part-load capability.

    With a Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA), our trained service personnel take care of maintenance, ensuring predictable costs and maximum availability. The generating sets will deliver reliable power for more than 25 years of operation.


    Our generating sets supply continuous power to the grid with up to 98% availability. Service downtime is easily catered for with an N+ 1/N+2 configuration. Ensuring 100% power plant output 365 days a year. Typical applications include combined heat and power (industries, greenhouses, public utilities).


    Fast power supply to meet periods of heavy demand, often on an infrequent basis, is efficiently met with our fast start mode. Our engines can ramp up to full load in 2 minutes, and the number of starts and stops is unlimited, and does not affect the maintenance program or equipment lifetime. Peaking mode can be exploited to benefit from the spot market tariffs.

    Grid support

    To compensate for intermittent renewable generation and other instabilities in a power grid, fast back-up power is key. The fast start and ramp-up capabilities of our flexible generating sets ensure that the grid stability is managed efficiently, both at high and low loads, giving you optimal fuel economy and low emissions.

    Back-up / Emergency

    Our generating sets are ready to kick in fast when emergency power is needed for critical applications such as nuclear power plants, hospitals and in some cases airports and data centres.

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