Efficient and flexible marine power.

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Bergen Engines' medium speed marine engines and generating sets offer world-leading performance and fuel efficiency. The modular engine design gives a flexible platform that ensures a smooth transition to zero carbon fuels.

In Bergen Engines we have been innovating for more than seventy years and have delivered four-stroke medium speed engines for marine propulsion and generating sets to customers worldwide. These engines are designed to meet the toughest operational environments.

Kongsberg Maritime is the exclusive distributor of Bergen medium-speed engines for commercial marine applications.

Medium speed marine gas engines

Our natural gas fuelled marine engines offer exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulates. Innovative technologies like variable valve timing, individual cylinder pressure monitoring and variable turbo geometry ensure optimized and efficient operation.

Medium speed marine liquid fuel engines

Our liquid fuelled marine engines combine efficiency and fast load response times in a cost-effective and service friendly package.

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