Bergen Engines is a trusted supplier of propulsion engines and generating sets for naval vessels to the Royal Norwegian and other sovereign navies around the world.

Naval applications have particularly demanding requirements for performance, availability and service. We pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding such standards.

Advanced technology, combined with robust manufacturing and high reliability, make Bergen engines a preferred choice for Marine operations such as coast guard, research vessels, multi-function support ships, diving support vessels, tankers, tugs, prepositioning, seismic, logistics and auxiliary vessels, as well as combat ships. We also deliver generating sets for land based naval installations.

Reference Projects

Pioneering polar research

The Kongsberg Maritime UT 851 design of the new royal research ship, Sir David Attenborough, features two Bergen B33:45L9A and two Bergen B33:45L6A diesel gensets, with double resilient skids or foundations. The double resilient foundation is a major contribution to the vessel’s Silent R classification.

Gas engines with gas protection

The two ships are powered by gas-electric propulsion systems based on four medium-speed Bergen B36:45L6AG units, each delivering 3,600 kW, which are specially certified for use in explosive environments. The delivery includes a special solution in the form of the gas protection specially developed to allow the engines to remain operational even if, for example, the ambient air has been contaminated with explosive gases following a gas tanker accident.

High efficiency and low emissions

High efficiency and low emissions are the focus for the latest craft for the Norwegian Coastal Administration. The multipurpose hybrid vessels are powered by a single Bergen C25:33L6AV rated at 2,000kW in a configuration with a permanently connected generator driven from each end of the crankshaft. Each generator feeds one side of the switchboard. In combination with the two independent batteries, this arrangement gives the desired electrical redundancy.

Medium speed marine gas engines

Our natural gas fuelled marine engines offer exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulates. Innovative technologies like variable valve timing, individual cylinder pressure monitoring and variable turbo geometry ensure optimized and efficient operation.

  • B36:45V

    V-Engine | Natural Gas | 7,200 - 9,600 kW

  • B36:45L

    Inline Engine | Natural Gas | 3,600 - 5,400 kW

  • C26:33L

    Inline Engine | Natural Gas | 1,460 - 2,430 kW

Power Solutions


Bergen engines are principally found driving alternators in power generation applications, either singularly or in multiples up to 200MW, with 300MW currently under construction. Our engines and generator sets are widely recognised by operators worldwide due to their proven technology, robust design, and low operating costs.

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Bergen engines power generators for offshore oil & gas installations and on board a wide range of ocean-going vessels. Bergen engines can also be found in direct propulsion applications. From tugs and fishing vessels, to ferries, offshore supply and cruise ships, Bergen engines are a watchword for supreme quality and reliability in the marine industry.

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