• V-Engine
  • Natural Gas
  • 5,635 – 9,445 kW
  • Spark-ignited lean-burn unit
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Unlock Peak Efficiency:

The Bergen B35:40V for Land-Based Power Solutions

The B35:40V engine is designed to prioritize superior electrical and heat recovery efficiency, delivering robust power levels consistently.

With a commitment to environmental responsibility, the Bergen B35:40 boasts remarkably low emissions of NOx, CO, and UHC. Our advanced combustion technology guarantees minimal environmental impact without compromising on performance.

Experience unmatched efficiency with our engine, thanks to large components operating at low RPM with optimized combustion and turbocharger technologies. Whether you’re in need of heat recovery for various applications, from remote power supply to cogeneration, our engine has you covered. Our proven track record extends from the frozen landscapes of Svalbard to the sweltering conditions of the Australian outback, ensuring reliability in any climate.

Key Benefits of Bergen's B35:40V

  • – High Power Output
  • – High Electrical Efficiency
  • – Low Service and Maintenance Costs
  • – Maintenance Friendly Design
  • – Proven Technology
  • – Sturdy Construction


Future Fuels

Our customers are making long-term investments when planning their next project, yet uncertainties loom regarding future fuel availability, costs, and regulatory landscapes, including potential CO2 taxes. That’s why Bergen Engines’ modular design prioritizes fuel flexibility, enabling customers to navigate these uncertainties with confidence.

This flexibility ensures reliability and top efficiency ratings for our engines, regardless of the fuel type they choose to operate with today, providing peace of mind and longevity to their investments. Learn more about Bergen Engines’ ongoing research with Hydrogen, Methanol, Biofuels and Ammonia.

Explore Future Fuels

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