At sea, Bergen engines power generators for offshore oil & gas installations and on board a wide range of ocean-going vessels. Bergen engines can also be found in direct propulsion applications.

From tugs and fishing vessels, to ferries, offshore supply and cruise ships, Bergen engines are a watchword for supreme quality and reliability in the marine industry.

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Did you know...

Bergen has embarked on a €4 million research project to investigate the feasibility of replacing oil with ammonia…

as a potential fuel for ship engines. The AMAZE (ammonia zero emissions) project is being funded jointly with the Norwegian government.

Bergen sister company, Piller Power Systems GmbH, has been awarded a contract to build onboard electrical systems for six new submarines…

to be built by ThyssenKrupp, two for the Norwegian Navy and four for the German Navy.

In January 2023, research vessel Laura Bassi set a new world record for a vessel voyaging south into Antarctica. She is powered by 2 x 3,500 horsepower (2,650KW) Bergen BRG-6 engines.

The polar research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough is powered by Bergen B33:45 engines. The 129m ship has a gross tonnage of 15,000, a 19,000 nautical mile range at 13 knots, a helipad, and room for 30 crew.

A Bergen marine engine recently passed 200,000 running hours. That’s equivalent to running non-stop for 23 years.

At Sea Solutions


From the 1970s, Bergen Engines forged its reputation for supreme reliability in The North Sea, one of the world’s most hostile environments. Today, we power platforms, platform supply vessels, offshore drilling rigs and offshore wind turbine installation vessels around the world.


Bergen Engines is a leading developer and producer of medium speed diesel and gas propulsion engines and generator sets for commercial marine applications.


In naval military applications, Bergen Engines AS supplies engines and generator sets directly to the Royal Norwegian Navy and other sovereign navies around the world.

Engine & Generator Sets

Bergen medium-speed liquid fuelled and gas fuel engines currently range in size from 1.4MW to 11.8MW. Paired with Marelli Motori alternators, our generator sets offer reliable power for a wide variety of applications, both on land and at sea.

Medium speed marine gas engines

Our natural gas fuelled marine engines offer exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulates. Innovative technologies like variable valve timing, individual cylinder pressure monitoring and variable turbo geometry ensure optimized and efficient operation.

  • B36:45V

    V-Engine | Natural Gas | 7,200 - 9,600 kW

  • B36:45L

    Inline Engine | Natural Gas | 3,600 - 5,400 kW

  • C26:33L

    Inline Engine | Natural Gas | 1,460 - 2,430 kW

Medium speed marine liquid fuel engines

Our liquid fuelled marine engines combine efficiency and fast load response times in a cost-effective and service friendly package.

  • B33:45V

    Medium Speed Propulsion Engine and Generating Set | Liquid Fuel | 6,380 - 10,650 kW

  • B33:45L

    Medium Speed Propulsion Engine and Generating Set | Liquid Fuel | 3,600 - 5,400 kW

  • C25:33L

    Inline | Liquid Fuel | 1,920 - 3,000 kW



Bergen Engines is finding new focus with alternative low-carbon fuels for its engines and with hybrid renewable power generation applications, whilst continuing to serve its traditional customers and markets on land and at sea.

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