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Discover the expertise of Bergen Engines, backed by over 80 years of experience and delivering over 5,000 MWe for land-based applications. As a trusted producer of medium-speed engines and generating sets for power generation, our reputation shines with references around the world. Renowned for their exceptional efficiency, reliability, and flexibility, our engines empower customers to optimize operational performance effortlessly.


For the energy industry, Bergen Engines offers medium-speed engines and generating sets for a range of land-based applications. From traditional engine-based power plants to unique hybrid-renewable microgrids, Bergen Engines offer a range of benefits in any project that needs power generation. We provide reliable, responsive and high-performance power solutions for any operational mode, from baseload, variable load, peaking, grid support and stand-by. Our engines are known for their high efficiency, which ensures cost-effective performance to our customers, while continuous technological innovation is making sure our engines will be able to handle new fuel types as we transition towards low carbon fuels.

Low-carbon fuels are important for the future because of their potential to address the challenges associated with traditional fossil fuels and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy landscape. This is why Bergen Engines is working to ensure our technology performs with the same reliable efficiency, no matter the fuel source chosen by our customers

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Modular Power Generation

Flexible and modular engine-based power plants can be supplied with all the components and auxiliaries needed to construct a fully working power station, and the option to scale operations with additional modules seamlessly. It is a cost efficient solution to providing electrical power in base load, combined cycle, grid support, stand-by, and peak shaving.

Hybrid Renewable Microgrids

As wind or solar renewable power supply can fluctuate dramatically throughout a given period, Bergen Engines supports hybrid-renewable microgrid solutions with fast start reciprocating engines to enhance the reliability and stability of the microgrid.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is a technology that simultaneously generates electricity and useful thermal energy (such as heat or steam) from a single energy source. This technology is designed to improve overall energy efficiency compared to traditional methods of separate electricity generation and heat production, which can be less efficient and more wasteful.


Producing and distributing essential services such as electricity, water, and gas to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers is vital. Bergen Engines play a crucial role in this market by providing efficient and reliable power generation.


Medium-speed engines in mining operations offer a versatile solution, balancing power and efficiency across varying loads and operational conditions. Their durability reduces downtime and maintenance costs, optimizing overall productivity. With Bergen Engines ongoing research into future fuels and hybrid renewable microgrids for remote mining operations, embracing low-emission medium-speed engines aligns with future sustainability goals, making them a pivotal choice to drive the mining industry forward.

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