Bergen Engines has been a trusted supplier of engines and generating sets to the offshore market since the early seventies. The engines’ robustness and high reliability have made them a preferred choice for the harsh environments surrounding offshore installations across the globe.

Bergen Engines has an impressive track record within offshore deliveries, supplying engines and generating sets to Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels (AHTS), drilling rigs, accommodation rigs and seismic vessels.

As the world is transitioning towards renewable alternatives to fossil fuels, we are bringing our extensive offshore experience with us to the wind turbine segment, powering offshore wind turbine installation vessels.

Reference Projects

The first offshore vessel to run on biofuel

Island Crusader is the first offshore vessel on the Norwegian shelf running on biofuel, resulting in immediate and significant reductions in CO2 emissions. This pilot, run by Lundin Energy Norway, also proves that biogas can be used on Bergen gas engines without any modifications at all. The vessel is equipped with two Bergen C25:33L6A MDO and two Bergen C26:33L9A gas engines.

Engines for wind turbine installation vessel built at Keppel AmFELS

Six Bergen B33:34L8A diesel engines will be powering the new wind turbine installation vessel to be built at the Keppel AmFELS yard for the U.S.-based energy provider Dominion Energy. The vessel is destined to be among the largest of its type, capable of transporting and installing current- and future-generation wind turbines and foundations.

Medium speed marine gas engines

Our natural gas fuelled marine engines offer exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulates. Innovative technologies like variable valve timing, individual cylinder pressure monitoring and variable turbo geometry ensure optimized and efficient operation.

  • B36:45V

    Natural Gas | Medium Speed Propulsion Engine and Generating Set | 7,200 - 9,600 kW | Marine natural gas engine designed for cost-effective operation.

  • B36:45L

    Natural Gas | Medium Speed Propulsion Engine and Generating Set | 3,600 - 5,400 kW | Marine natural gas engine designed for cost-effective operation.

  • C26:33L

    Natural Gas | Medium Speed Propulsion Engine and Generating Set | 1,460 - 2,430 kW | Learn burn natural gas engine designed for cost-effective operation.

Medium speed marine liquid fuel engines

Our Bergen medium-speed engine series is characterized by fast start and part-load capabilities, high efficiency and low operating costs. These robust and powerful propulsion and generating sets deliver reliable power for more than 25 years of operation, and availability can be further enhanced through our flexible service agreements.

  • B33:45V

    Liquid Fuel | Medium Speed Propulsion Engine and Generating Set | 6,380 - 10,650 kW | Marine diesel engine and generating sets designed for cost-effective operation.

  • C25:33L

    Liquid Fuel | Medium Speed Propulsion Engine and Generating Set | 1,920 - 3,000 kW | Liquid fuelled medium speed engines.

  • B33:45L

    Liquid Fuel | Medium Speed Generating Set | 3,170 - 4,760 kW | 600 kW per cylinder in a compact design, with class leading efficiency levels and low life-cycle costs

Power Solutions


Bergen engines are principally found driving alternators in power generation applications, either singularly or in multiples up to 200MW, with 300MW currently under construction. Our engines and generator sets are widely recognised by operators worldwide due to their proven technology, robust design, and low operating costs.

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Bergen engines power generators for offshore oil & gas installations and on board a wide range of ocean-going vessels. Bergen engines can also be found in direct propulsion applications. From tugs and fishing vessels, to ferries, offshore supply and cruise ships, Bergen engines are a watchword for supreme quality and reliability in the marine industry.

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