Medium-speed engines in mining operations offer a versatile solution, balancing power and efficiency across varying loads and operational conditions. Their durability reduces downtime and maintenance costs, optimizing overall productivity. With Bergen Engines ongoing research into future fuels and hybrid renewable microgrids for remote mining operations, embracing low-emission medium-speed engines aligns with future sustainability goals, making them a pivotal choice to drive the mining industry forward.

Mining - Iron Bridge Australia


Medium-speed engines are known for their versatility, as they address the need for reliable power across many diverse applications, including mining. Bergen Engines can be found operating in some of the most demanding and hostile environments on earth, both on land and at sea, and deliver their low-emission technology wherever its needed. The RPM range of our engines is well-suited to handle varying load levels and operational conditions, ensuring optimal performance and fuel efficiency. The versatility of medium-speed engines not only enhances operational flexibility but positions them as a reliable and multifaceted choice for applications where adaptability is key to success.

Integrating 170MW of Medium Speed Power with 150MW Solar PV Farm in Western Australia

Powered by Bergen Engines

In September of 2020, Bergen Engines and it‘s agent Penske Australia signed a commitment with Contract Power to deliver 15 medium-speed gas gensets to power the Iron Bridge Magnetite Project (IBMP).

These gensets are based on Bergen‘s 20-cylinder B36:45 gas engine, which was introduced to the global market at the end of 2018 when it set a new standard in power and efficiency, with exceptionally low fuel consumption and emissions. Through the Pilbara Generation Project, the gas gensets are integrated with a 150MW solar photovoltaic farm and battery storage. The hybrid energy system is connected to a new transmission network Fortescue has built in the Pilbara, ensuring that the right amount of electricity is supplied in a reliable, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

Jamie Cullen, Chief Executive of Pacific Energy, parent company of Contract Power said: “The Bergen B36:45 gensets are low-emission units with market-leading fuel efficiency, which delivers low-cost clean energy to support Fortescue’s growing penetration of renewable energy in the Pilbara Energy Connect program.”

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Benefits of Bergen Engines in Mining

In mining, our medium speed technology brings countless benefits to their operations:

  • Durability and Reduced Downtime: These engines are designed for durability, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. In the demanding and often harsh conditions of mining operations, the robust construction of medium-speed engines enhances reliability and longevity.
  • Fuel Efficiency and Cost Savings: Medium-speed engines are known for their fuel-efficient design, which not only reduces operating costs but also aligns with sustainability goals. The ability to operate efficiently across a range of loads contributes to overall fuel savings.
  • Adaptability to Future Fuels: Medium-speed engines can be adapted to use a variety of fuels, making them well-positioned for future advancements in fuel technology. This adaptability supports sustainability initiatives by allowing mining operations to transition to cleaner and more environmentally-friendly fuel options. At Bergen Engines, research and development is currently underway in hydrogen, methanol and ammonia as future fuel sources. Additionally, our latest engine series gives our customers the flexibility to convert between the liquid-fuel B33:45 and our lean-burn gas B36:45 seamlessly.
  • Integration with Renewable Energy: These engines can be seamlessly integrated into hybrid microgrids, allowing mining operations to harness energy from renewable sources. This integration contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly power supply, reducing the environmental impact of mining activities. Read more about our work with Hybrid Renewable Microgrids here.
  • Low Emissions Technology: Medium-speed engines incorporate advanced emission control technologies, minimizing their environmental footprint. This is crucial for compliance with increasingly stringent emissions regulations and reflects a commitment to environmentally responsible mining practices.

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