Bergen power plant combining engines, wind and solar


The Langley Holdings Power Solutions Division is focused on the development of hybrid-renewable microgrids based on a collaboration between the sister companies Bergen Engines, Marelli Motori and Piller Power Systems. The aim is to meet immediate and future microgrid requirements efficiently and cost-effectively, while reducing emissions to a minimum.
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Did you know...

Bergen Engines recently launched a comprehensive test programme towards zero carbon emission engines and is aiming to develop a retrofit solution that will accept hydrogen content of up to 60%, and a solution that can accept 100% hydrogen for new engines to come.

Piller stabilization and storage solutions can be used to manage fluctuations and complete gaps in wind and solar energy provision, ensuring the smooth and managed flow of power around the grid.

Marelli Motori alternators are paired with Bergen engines; a perfect match in terms of premium quality and supreme reliability

Dispatchable balancing power from Bergen Engines

Piller stabilisation and storage systems

Stabilisation and storage systems from Piller

Piller stabilisation and storage systems

Generators from Marelli Motori

Piller stabilisation and storage systems

Incorporating renewables such as solar and wind, dispatchable balancing power and energy storage options, a hybrid microgrid gives organisations and communities around the world the opportunity to move closer to their sustainability targets.

The combined microgrid offering of Bergen Engines, Marelli Motori and Piller Power Systems ensures a reliable power solution that enables an increased penetration of renewables in the electricity supply system. A  Microgrids are a resilient solution to the typical challenges that come with national grids, such as power outages, patchy and unstable renewable supply, and energy losses.

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