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Bergen Engines medium speed liquid fuel and gas generating sets deliver reliable power with low operating costs. For over 75 years we have been innovating, designing and manufacturing engines that have become known for their world-leading performance both on land and at sea.

We pioneered the power generation market with our first lean-burn gas engine already in 1992. Today, we are a leading supplier of medium speed liquid fuel and gas engines, supporting your business with reliable, engine-based power generation solutions from 1.500 to 11.830 kWe per engine, and complete power systems of 200 MWe and beyond. We offer a wide and highly economical product range with world class electrical efficiency of up to 50% in open cycle. Our power solutions are ideal for baseload, grid support, peaking and for hybrid power systems with batteries and renewable energy sources. Lead time is short, and no extensive on-site construction is required.

Did you know...

Modern liquid fuelled Bergen engines can be converted to run on not only natural gas, but also on increasing proportions of H2 hydrogen gas.

Bergen natural gas engines can already operate on biogas and e-methane without any need for significant modification to the engine or fuel supply system.

Did you know that the airport in Rome is equipped with three B35:40 medium speed gas engines from Bergen Engines? The engines were installed in 2008 and has since produced electricity, heat and air-conditioning for the airport.

The fast-reacting medium speed engines can ramp up from zero to full load in 3 minutes, and maintenance intervals are not affected by the number of starts and stops. This makes them a perfect match for variable renewable power that needs balancing back-up power.

As the concept is modular, additional generator sets can quickly be added if the total power demand should stabilise at a higher level. In a combined heat and power configuration the total efficiency can reach more than 95 percent. And by installing a heat recovery system and steam turbine, power production can be increased by up to eight percent with no additional fuel consumption.

We also support you with a diverse range of flexible service solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our digital solutions make equipment monitoring easier. Real-time data gathering and analysis ensures that many technical problems can be either predicted and prevented or solved swiftly by our technical support team. Remote troubleshooting by technical support is an excellent way to reduce operational costs and maintain maximum availability.

A new range of powerful Bergen engines


Gas Generating Sets

Medium natural gas generating sets

Bergen medium-speed liquid fuelled and gas fuel engines currently range in size from 1.4MW to 11.8MW. Paired with Marelli Motori alternators, our generator sets offer reliable power for a wide variety of applications, both on land and at sea.

Hydrogen blends

To reduce emissions further, we are currently testing hydrogen blends in the fuel gas of our standard natural gas operated engines. A certain amount of hydrogen admixture can be allowed without any changes to the engine. To increase the hydrogen admixture while maintaining the performance levels, the engine software must be tuned. Hydrogen powered engines are an important part of our zero emission ambitions.

  • B36:45L

    Inline Engine | Natural Gas | 3,370 - 5,290 kW | Spark-ignited lean-burn unit

  • B36:45V

    V-Engine | Natural Gas | 6,800 - 11,830 kW | Spark-ignited lean-burn unit


Liquid Fuel Generating Sets

Medium speed liquid fuel generating sets

Our Bergen medium-speed engine series is characterized by fast start and part-load capabilities, high efficiency and low operating costs. These robust and powerful generating sets deliver reliable power for more than 25 years of operation, and availability can be further enhanced through our flexible service agreements.

  • B33:45L

    Inline Engine | Liquid Fuel | 3,170 - 4,760 kW

  • B33:45V

    V-Engine | Liquid Fuel | 6,380 - 10,650 kW


Medium speed marine gas engines

Our natural gas fuelled marine engines offer exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulates. Innovative technologies like variable valve timing, individual cylinder pressure monitoring and variable turbo geometry ensure optimized and efficient operation.

  • B36:45V

    V-Engine | Natural Gas | 7,200 - 9,600 kW

  • B36:45L

    Inline Engine | Natural Gas | 3,600 - 5,400 kW

  • C26:33L

    Inline Engine | Natural Gas | 1,460 - 2,430 kW


Medium speed marine liquid fuel engines

Our liquid fuelled marine engines combine efficiency and fast load response times in a cost-effective and service friendly package.

  • B33:45V

    Medium Speed Propulsion Engine and Generating Set | Liquid Fuel | 6,380 - 10,650 kW

  • B33:45L

    Medium Speed Propulsion Engine and Generating Set | Liquid Fuel | 3,600 - 5,400 kW

  • C25:33L

    Inline | Liquid Fuel | 1,920 - 3,000 kW



Bergen Engines is finding new focus with alternative low-carbon fuels for its engines and with hybrid renewable power generation applications, whilst continuing to serve its traditional customers and markets on land and at sea.

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