Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE)

By replacing coal-fired power with cleaner natural gas, the district heating plant in Rzeszów, Poland sets a precedent for future projects, supporting the country’s environmental goals and demonstrating the effectiveness of Bergen Engines’ technology in providing reliable, sustainable energy solutions.

Project Overview: In a significant step towards sustainable energy, four gas-driven 16-cylinder B35:40 generating sets from Bergen Engines now provide heat and power to the residents of Rzeszów, Poland. The district heating plant was officially inaugurated in October 2014, marking a pivotal shift from coal-fired power to cleaner natural gas.

Technological Implementation:

Strategic Importance: The new gas-powered district heating plant ensures that the residents of Rzeszów enjoy a reliable and environmentally friendly source of heat and electricity. This transition supports Poland’s broader goals of reducing reliance on coal and complying with tightening emissions regulations.

Operational Execution: The project was initiated by a competitive bidding process with Introl as general contractor, supported by Bergen Engines. The partnership underscored Bergen Engines’ commitment to providing quick, comprehensive support and efficient solutions.

Key Milestones:

  • Commissioning: The engines were delivered in May 2014 and fully commissioned by September 2014, with the plant becoming operational in October 2014.
  • Capacity: The plant supplies 29 MWe of electrical power and 26 MW of heat, benefiting approximately 18,000 residents in Rzeszów.

Project Inauguration: The district heating plant’s inauguration in October 2014 was attended by 150 guests, including local residents, politicians, planners, and major suppliers. This event marked a milestone for the city’s 180,000 inhabitants, symbolizing a commitment to a greener and more sustainable energy future.

Long-Term Collaboration: A five-year service agreement was signed between Bergen Engines, Introl, and PGE, ensuring scheduled maintenance, spare parts supply, and technical support. This collaboration highlights the long-term investment in the project’s success and operational efficiency.

Environmental Impact: Poland’s emissions regulations for coal-fired plants were tightened in 2020, making gas-powered solutions more economically viable and environmentally friendly. “Exhaust aftertreatment systems for coal-fired power plants come at a high price and will not necessarily make economic sense,” explained Zbigniew Juroszek, a Board Member of Introl. “Bergen Engines’ technology positions them well to secure further orders as Poland continues its transition to greener energy.”

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