Bergen Engines upgrades Norwegian ferry for Canadian operation.

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MF Fanafjord

Bergen Engines has been selected by Nye Fanafjord AS to retrofit the MF “Fanafjord” with two Bergen C25:33L9 generating sets.
A best-seller for decades, the Bergen C-engine is known for its reliability and high performance throughout its lifetime. The modularized design makes service easy and cost-effective, while Bergen’s Variable Valve Timing (VVT) ensures high efficiency levels and excellent transient performance at part-load operation, making it perfect for ferry operations. With stabilized frequency and silent resilient mounting, the C25:33 engines will support the MF “Fanafjord” operation for many years to come.
The ferry was delivered by VARD Brattvaag in 2007 for Fjord1 and operated on the third-largest ferry connection in Norway. MF “Fanafjord” was then powered by 2x Bergen KVGS 12G4 and 2x Bergen KVGS-16G4 engines, each with an output of 3540 kW. Following its upgrade, the ferry will make its way to eastern Canada to provide a safe and reliable ferry service between Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Nova Scotia.
Following the news, Kjell Harloff – Head of Marine Sales at Bergen Engines commented: “We’ve had a great relationship over the years with Fjord1, the current owner of MF Fanafjord. We are looking forward to cooperating with the new owner of the vessel, and maintaining the same level of service and customer satisfaction. Our local service partner in Canada, Madsen Power Systems, will play an important role in this, with strong support from our Bergen team in Norway.”
For Canadians in the region, this ferry service is critical, and reliability is of top priority. The connection is a key transportation link for people and goods between the islands, and supports the regional economy by providing quality jobs, employing around 200 people and contributing roughly $39 million to the regional economy each year.
Last summer, the MV Holiday Island, one of two ferries providing service between Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Nova Scotia, was removed from service due to an onboard fire that resulted in catastrophic damage to the vessel. The replacement of this vessel is a crucial step the Government of Canada is taking to help ensure continued two-vessel ferry services for the communities and for local businesses.
Canada’s Minister of Transport, the Honorable Pablo Rodriguez, commented: “Reliable ferry services are essential to the local communities, businesses, and tourism in Atlantic Canada and Eastern Quebec. Today’s announcement means that Canadians will continue to have consistent service between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. We’re dedicated to ensuring there’s safe and reliable maritime travel for all Canadians, and visitors to our country.”
More about MF Fanafjord
– Passenger capacity: 589
– Vehicle capacity: 212
– Avg. sailing speed: 21 knots
– Length: 129.8m
– Width: 18.7m

About Bergen Engines
Bergen Engines produces medium-speed liquid and gas fueled engines and generator sets to a broad range of land-based, commercial marine, and naval applications. The Bergen name is a watchword for quality and reliability in its field.
The tradition of engineering in Bergen, Norway, dates to 1855 when the original company Bergen Mekaniske Verksted (BMV) was founded. In 1946, the company built its first diesel engine and has since commissioned over 7,500 of its iconic liquid and gas fueled engines. Around half of them are still in operation today; such is the quality and reliability of a Bergen engine.
From 1999, Bergen Engines AS was owned by the British aerospace and defense group, Rolls-Royce plc. On 31st December 2021, the company was acquired from Rolls-Royce by the family-owned engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc, and is now part of the Power Solutions division.

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