Bergen Engines and Sampol Ingeniería y Obras Collaborate to Introduce Groundbreaking 45MW Natural Gas Power Plant in Guatemala

Setting a New Standard for Environmental Responsibility in the Guatemalan Energy Sector

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Bergen, Norway – Bergen Engines, a leading producer of medium speed engines and generating sets, is pleased to announce a strategic consortium with Sampol Ingeniería y Obras (SAMPOL), a multinational applied engineering company specialized in energy efficiency, renewables, and digitization, to deliver a state-of-the-art 45MW power plant in Petén, Guatemala. The project, slated for completion in 2025, marks a significant milestone in Guatemala’s energy landscape as it introduces the country’s first mid-scale power plant operating on natural gas.

The owner of this groundbreaking power plant is Innova Energy, a CEC company, a forward-thinking group committed to driving positive change in the energy sector. With the collaborative efforts of Bergen Engines and SAMPOL, Innova is set to usher in a new era of sustainable and efficient power generation for Guatemala.

The power plant will be equipped with 5 x Bergen B35:40V20AG2 gensets, renowned for their exceptional performance, efficiency, and notably low emissions of NOx, CO, and UHC. Developed by Bergen Engines, these gensets strike a unique balance between power generation capabilities and environmental impact, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints.

With years of experience in similar projects, SAMPOL will build a low-consumption, high-availability design for the plant with Bergen Engines’ performance at the focus. The advanced digital control system will allow Innova Energy to monitor and supervise the facility remotely from their offices in Guatemala City.

In a pioneering move for the region, the power plant will utilize locally produced natural gas. This departure from imported coal, diesel, or heavy fuel oil commonly used in Guatemala underscores the commitment to environmental sustainability.

“This project represents a significant step forward in Guatemala’s energy matrix,” said Theodore Lorentzos, Head of Sales for the Americas at Bergen Engines. “By harnessing the power of natural gas in a locally produced and sustainable manner, we are not only pushing the boundaries of technological innovation but also contributing to Guatemala’s broader energy transition goals.”

Lorentzos continued, “We are truly pleased that the latest energy auction results for the Grid of Guatemala is heavily represented by renewables, and our engines will perfectly complement this carbon-free, but intermittent power, with reliable baseload power, far cleaner than incumbent baseload sources in country today.”

The introduction of Bergen Engines’ medium-speed technology in the power plant is expected to substantially reduce the reliance on less efficient and highly contaminating fossil-fuels, which is common for similar projects in the region. This move aligns with Guatemala’s commitment to lower CO2 levels and positions the country as a leader in environmentally conscious energy production in Central America.

“This latest project represents a 60% increase in CEC’s installed capacity in Guatemala and over 200% in energy. By utilizing natural gas for a mid-scale project of this size and by investing in further renewable projects, we are substantially reducing our carbon footprint for each MWh delivered to market and providing Guatemala with affordable, reliable and cleaner energy,” said Leonel and Luis Pedro López, CEC Directors.

Part of the official contract signing (L-R): Theodore Lorentzos – Head of Sales, Americas, Leonel López Sr. – President, CEC, Luis Pedro López – Director, CEC,Josu Vicandi – Business Development Director, Sampol Group, Leonel López Jr. – Director, CEC.


Bergen Engines produces medium-speed liquid and gas fueled engines and generator sets are supplied to a broad range of land-based, commercial marine, and naval applications. The Bergen name is a watchword for quality and reliability in its field.

The tradition of engineering in Bergen, Norway, dates to 1855 when the original company Bergen Mekaniske Verksted (BMV) was founded. In 1946, the company built its first diesel engine and has since commissioned over 7,500 of its iconic liquid and gas fueled engines. Around half of them are still in operation today; such is the quality and reliability of a Bergen engine.


SAMPOL is a multinational group of Spanish capital, leader in engineering solutions applied to different public or private sectors. The company was founded in Mallorca in 1934 and currently carries out its activity in three main lines of business:

  1. The projection, construction and operation of energy projects, power generation plants, cogeneration, renewable energy, microgrids and energy saving solutions.
  2. The realization of comprehensive installations in hotels, emblematic buildings, airports, etc.
  3. The development of technological solutions oriented towards digitization and creation of software tailored to the client.

The group has a permanent presence in Spain, Italy, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Aruba, Peru, Canada, and Cabo Verde, throughout its more than 85 years of history it has developed international projects in 22 countries and 4 continents. In addition, SAMPOL Group operates the 100% renewable energy marketer SAMPOL Energy.

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