Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant

The South-East Asian state of Myanmar, also known as Burma, has undergone an economic revival since the democratisation process started to take effect in 2011, accompanied by demand for stable power supply. In centres where power is needed, gas is available and can be the source of environmentally compatible power by using high output gas engines.

Who: RGK+Z&A Group
What: S03 – Power Plant
Where: Yangon, Myanmar
When: 2015

In the nation’s commercial capital of Yangon, formerly Rangoon, the first power plant with medium-speed gas engines went into operation in September 2015. Bergen Engines supplied power plant operator RGK+Z&A Group with three B35:40V20 natural-gas-powered engines, each with an electrical output of 9200 KWe. It also assumed responsibility for complete project planning, including pipeline systems and elevenkilovolt switchgear.

Preliminary planning of the overall concept by Bergen Engines substantially reduced the installation and commissioning time. “We supply uninterrupted power to Myanmar using minimal amounts of natural gas. Using the sophisticated Bergen Engines technology, we can generate 25 megawatts for the required power supply,” states Zeya Thura Mon, CEO of the RGK+Z&A Group.

As the gas supply in this plant has a low calorific value and a low methane number, the engines’ software and pressure settings had to be specially adapted. The power generated by the power plant is fed directly into the public power grid based on a power purchase agreement between the power plant operator and the Electric Power Generation Enterprise (EPGE), formerly known as Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE). The 25 MWe power plant is covered by a service contract for spare parts supply as well as supervision and maintenance of the engines. Furthermore, the customer is guaranteed 90 percent operational availability for these engines.

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