Medium speed engines from Bergen Engines are flexibly designed for different operating modes, and can be used to generate base-load, peak power or operate in combined cycle.

Who: Teplaren Kosice a.s.
What: 4 x B35:40V20AG2 delivering 34.5MW heat and 37.5MW electrical power
Where: Kosice, Slovakia

Bergen Engines has supplied four natural gas gensets to a cogeneration plant of the district heating company Teplaren Kosice a.s. in Kosice, Slovakia. Based on the medium speed engine B35:40V20AG2, the plant generates a total of 72MW heat and power to the local community.

Within three minutes of starting, the engines can operate with 100 per cent load to the rated speed of 750 rpm, which makes them well suited to balance changes in the grid parameters. Furthermore, by utilising hot water from the engines, the plant will be used for district heating for the region.

Based on the medium speed engine B35:40V20AG2, the cogeneration plant generates a total of 72 MW heat and power to the local community of Kosice in Slovakia.

“Cogeneration plants based on our medium speed gas engines are a reliable alternative to coal-based plants and significantly more environmentally friendly. In addition, the engines’ flexibility will enable Teplaren Kosice to operate efficiently, both in terms of cost and time”, said Jon Erik Røv, acting Managing Director of Bergen Engines.
Since Bergen Engines supplied its first medium-speed gas engine in 1991, the engines have logged millions of operating hours across a broad span of applications and environments. Some 300 B35:40 gas engines are currently in operation in power plants across the world. The gas series meets the increasingly stringent emissions requirements, with exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO and UHC combined.

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