Upgrade from HFO to Gas Engines

Frimancha Industrias Cárnicas S.A. produces a wide range of fresh and processed meat products at its facilities in Mérida, Sevilla, Valdepeñas, Malaga and the Canary Islands. Frimancha is part of the Vall Companys Group, which is a family-owned business that operates in different areas of the food industry.

Who: Frimancha
What: 2 x B35:40V12AG
Where: Valdepeñas, Spain
When: 2011

The two lean burn gas engines from Bergen were installed at Frimancha’s plant in Valdepeñas in 2011, replacing the obsolete HFO engines. The robust design and low rpm of the B-engines, create the highest availability of plant, giving peace of mind for the owner. In fact, these installed BV12AG gas engines have an efficiency of 45% and deliver reliable power to the installation with minimal emissions.

The Valdepeñas plant is covered by a full Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) which ensures maximum availability and efficiency of the installation. Bergen Engines offers customized LTSAs for all its customers, and the fact that 80% of the engines in operation worldwide are covered by such agreements, is indeed proof of the concept’s success. In Spain, 95% of the customers are covered by service agreements, and in order to keep track of performance in terms of communication, problem solving, deliveries, availability and reliability, customer satisfaction surveys are performed annually.

Each plant has dedicated service engineers that execute the service agreements, and who know the applications in every detail. The latest feedback from Frimancha gave maximum score on satisfaction and communication with the service engineer and the Bergen organization. This underpins Bergen Engines’ focus on being close to the customer during the whole product lifetime.

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