30th Greenhouse from Bergen Engines

Maximised plant efficiency levels and low emissions are achieved with medium speed natural gas engines in a combined heat and power system solution.

Who: Maxburg BVBA
What: 2x B35:40V12AG2 delivering 10 MWe electrical power
Where: Meer, Belgium
When: 2017

Since 2005, no less than 69 combined heat and power systems with installed capacity of more than 340 MWe have been supplied by Bergen Engines for greenhouses in Holland, Belgium, Russia and the UK. Maxburg Meer in Belgium, is the 30th greenhouse for which Bergen Engines has delivered a complete CHP solution.

Since the beginning of 2017, two Bergen Engines combined heat and power (CHP) systems have been supplying energy, heat and cleaned CO2 to the new Maxburg tomato greenhouse in Meer, Belgium. Both are powered by two B35:40 V12 AG2 gas engines, with an electrical capacity of 5,650 kW and a thermal output of 6,545 kW each. For greenhouses in Belgium, the engines are operated at maximum 5,000 kW due to grid regulations.

For the owner, John Vermeiren, this was his third greenhouse powered by Bergen Engines. Back in 2008 and 2010, two CHP plants went into operation in Loenhout and in Merksplas in Belgium. He said: “The high level of efficiency of the medium-speed gensets and their reliability impressed us so much that we decided once again in favour of Bergen engines for the energy supply of our third greenhouse in Meer”.

For the Maxburg greenhouse,Ergen Engines has delivered generating sets, sound enclosures, exhaust gas systems including SCR and heat recovery systems, control and protection systems. The electric power is used primarily for the greenhouse grow lights and, as required, exported to the public grid.

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